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Anonymous 27 Oct 13 @ 07:17
DarwinBloke 27 May 13 @ 02:08
u cunts frm W.A and alice springs cant fight fo shit! come Darwin budda ill rearange ur face that ur mom wont reconise ya
Anonymous 10 Dec 12 @ 22:47
Bull shit tatz not real fight, u guyz suck
Anonymous 10 Dec 12 @ 08:05
U not from A.S
Anonymous 10 Dec 12 @ 07:43
U all fuck
Anonymous 10 Dec 12 @ 06:10
Come to Alice Springs WA mob we'll show you mob
Anonymous 07 Dec 12 @ 12:21
hahahahaha nobody is a good fighter so go fukya selfs
Anonymous 03 Dec 12 @ 17:08
Came w.a n fighter me owat I'm the Best fighter in k-next
Anonymous 03 Dec 12 @ 15:15
Hahaha that.s not true that.s bu!!sh!!!t
Anonymous 03 Dec 12 @ 14:44
oh shut the fuk up everybody is a good fighter
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